The Exoticized is a speculative installation that cultivates a cosmology of gendered space for women who have been labeled “exotic” at least once in their lives. The space, inconspicuously tucked away from the male gaze and reminiscent of Korean spas and Hammams, offers a time away from time for women bestowed a Purple Card––find the door, push and release...

How does time transpire in this suspended space outside of the male gaze and in the company of fellow exotic women? The Exoticized plays off exoticness in order to entice conversations within and outside of its physical walls. Intentionally using aspects of Eastern tradition by taking a page out of Edward Said’s On Orientalism (such as the veil, lit candles, and fragrant oils), we played up the sensual connotations of the imposed label using it to our advantage to lure and to tempt, to dispel its sexual assumptions, as well as to indulge in its sensuality.

After the performance with the select group of women participants invited to the shrouded space, we discussed real testimonials from the select group of women participants as well as insights from those not invited.

{This project was done in collaboration with Yeawon Kim and Stephanie Cedeño.}