The integration of mindfulness practice in business is rapidly growing (think: meditation rooms and mindfulness conferences). In this project I question the purpose of businesses implementing mindfulness practices (is it just another way to increase productivity and therefore make money?) along with what it could look like from a future wearables perspective. Just how far are we willing to go to be mindful?

Enter Awear, a future wearables company that specializes in apparel to keep employees in the moment. Of course, their own employees are required to don Awear apparel of white white uniforms, for minimal distraction. Do you shoulder shrug when you become mindless? Try the turtleneck equipped with a flex sensor and LEDs that activate when you enter a state of mindlessness. 

Combining Javascript programming, tangible interaction, and screen based technologies, I explored the future of mindfulness practices within the context of work along with the affordances and limitations of tangible and screen interactions. Once the sensor is activated, the employee is required to take at least two minutes in their individual Mindful Head Pod, where they can listen to soothing sounds and watch a screen of colors to calm their mind. 

In addition to the wearables and Head Pod, a team cap physically connects employees together so that an individual's mindlessness directly impacts their teammates. This can be seen as another way of monitoring or managing to make sure people are staying on track throughout their work day. 

Awear Head pod.png
Team Cap.png